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Here are the last of the poetry forms that I have found in my research, or at least the ones in which the format is confirmed (remember that RS means rhyme scheme and capital lettersrefer to refrains):

Ballade Supreme- French, three ten-line stanzas that rhymes ababbccdcD and an ending four-line stanza that rhymes ccdcD
Duoble Ballade With 10-line Stanzas
- six ten-line stanzas, RS: ababbccdcD
Terzanelle- Italian, five tercets with two primary refrains(A1 and A2), RS: A1BA2 bCB cDC dED eFE fA1FA2
Ghazal- Arabic, five to fifteen couplets, the even lines rhyme and contain some kind of a refrain, and in the last couplet, the author must make a referance to himself or herself.
Rime Royale- Anglo-French stanza form, seven lines, RS:ababbcc, most often in Iambic pentameter
Rondeau- French, three stanzas, the first is five lines, the second is four lines, and the third is six lines,has a refrain but is only part of the first line RS:A1abba aabA1 aabbaA1
Rondeau Redouble- French, five quatrains and a qunitet, first quatrain's lines are sequentially the end lines of the subsequent quatrains, quintet ends with the first line of the poem
Rondeau Prime- French, two stanzas, the first is seven lines, the second is five lines, opening phrase of first lineis repeated as the seventh and twelfth line, RS: AbccbbcA bccbA
Chant Royal- French, sixty lines of any but equal length, five eleven-line stanzas (RS: abcbecddedE) and a final five-line stanza (RS: ddedE)
Rhupunt- Welsh, any even number of quatrains, four syllables to each line, example of RS: aaab cccb ddde fffe


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Nathaniel Flying Owl
Artist | Literature
A nature poet passionate about zoology and indigenous American studies and eager to make friends. My biggest influence is Robert Frost, but I also love Langston Hughes, Sherman Alexie, Simon Ortiz, Joy Harjo, and William Wordsworth

I watch anyone who leaves a comprehensive comment and/or watches me.

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