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Okay, hand on the bible, God's honest truth, this is the last group of poetry forms I have for you guys:

Ballade Royal- ballade written in four rime royal stanzas RS: ababbcC ababbcC ababbcC ababbcC

Couplet Sonnet- Sonnet composed of heroic couplets (iambic pentameter)

Double Refrain Ballade- French, the octave goes abaBbcbC and the envoi is bBcC

Double Sonnet- any of three poems: 1. abbaabbaabbaabba cdecdecdecde 2. simply the rhyme scheme doubled 3. two sonnets of similar theme functioning  as one poem

Elegiac (or Heroic) Stanza- English, quatrain in iambic pentameter, RS: abab

French Sonnet- French, first stanza's RS: abbaabba; second stanza's RS: ccdede or ccdccd or ccdeed

Glosa- Spanish; introductory stanza (cabeza); each additional stanza (total number equals to the # of lines in cabeza) starts with and explains corresponding line

Hendecasyllable- generally speaking any eleven-syllable lines; in Greek poetics, either of two kinds of lines: u u / u u / u / u / / or u / / u u / u / u / /

Heroic Sonnet- English; a Shakespearean sonnet with an additional quatrain before the final couplet; RS: abab cdcd efef ghgh ii

In Memorium Stanza- English, quatrain; RSabba; iambic tetrameter, made famous by Alfred, Lord Tennyson's "In Memoriom"

Masnavi, Mathnavi or Masnawi- Persian, (in Arabic, muzdawij) any number of rhymed couplets (aa bb cc etc.); eleven syllables; (/uuu/uuu/uu)

Quatorzain- a fourteen line poem, often a sonnet

Soneto- Spanish; heptasyllabic; RS: abba abba cdc dcd, abba abba cde cde, abab abba cdc dcd, abab abba cde cde, abba abab cdc dcd, abba abab cde cde

Tail Rhyme or Tailed Rhyme- verse form in which rhymed lines such as couplets or tercets are followed by lines of different, usually shorter, length, tail lines rhyme with each other rather than the rest

Tailed Sonnet- English, a sonnet  augmented with additional lines (usually shorter) arranged systematically

Douzain- any twelve line poem

Yeats Stanza- an octave stanza form used by William Butler Yeats; RS: aabbcddc; lines 4, 6 and 7 are either trimeter or tetrameter while the rest are pentameter


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Nathaniel Flying Owl
Artist | Literature
A nature poet passionate about zoology and indigenous American studies and eager to make friends. My biggest influence is Robert Frost, but I also love Langston Hughes, Sherman Alexie, Simon Ortiz, Joy Harjo, and William Wordsworth

I watch anyone who leaves a comprehensive comment and/or watches me.


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